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Google Workspace Toolkit for Organizations

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a comprehensive suite of cloud services for businesses. Modern and versatile services with their own domain.
Google Workspace offers a huge number of truly powerful and useful cloud services to help you streamline and secure your business digitally. For example, you can access a Gmail account with your own domain (@ mycompany.com). This makes it easier to organize your company’s emails and gives your emails a truly reliable home. At the same time, you give a truly professional image of your business when emails arrive from your own domain, not from @ gmail.com, for example.

A versatile cloud service that guarantees the smooth running of the company's everyday life

Google Workspace features

The Google Workspace package includes a huge number of high-quality cloud services. Here are just a few of all the benefits you can get from the service.

Gmail email

Familiar to many, Gmail is one of the most advanced and reliable email services. Google Workspace gives you even more power out of Gmail. Send your mail from any device securely, as well as reliably. You will receive e-mail addresses containing your company name ([email protected]). You can also create email aliases, such as [email protected] Gmail email contains a huge number of important features that are sure to improve your company's email handling. You can get e.g. Create email groups for different departments in your company.

Drive cloud storage

Google Drive is a very versatile cloud storage space that allows you to take e.g. Back up everything you care about, quickly share files with colleagues and clients, and manage all your business files on any device. From the drive, you can also edit files using cloud tools. As a Google Workspace user, you also have access to the File Stream feature. With the Business Standard package, you get up to 2 terabytes of storage per user.

Docs & Sheets tools

No more separately installed applications on any device. Utilizing Drive's space, you can edit your documents with the Docs and Spreadsheets tools. Drive also has many other fully cloud-based office tools to make your business more efficient. With Forms, you can create surveys for your customers and with the Slides tool, present your company's activities in a meeting. Thanks to the tremendous dynamism, these services bend to exactly what your company does.


Calendar is a truly tightly integrated calendar solution with all Google services that syncs between workplace teams on every device. With Workspace, you can create team meetings and send invitations to all your staff with just a few clicks. You can also keep track of who is coming to the meeting and who is not. The calendar is easy to use and includes many features to make calendar entries easier. Calendar also supports the booking of Meeting Rooms so that you do not have any bookings.

Chat & Meet to stay in touch

Keep in touch with colleagues and clients with Chat. Meet provides an easy-to-use video conferencing solution that allows you to organize even large group meetings. Chat and Meet integrates seamlessly with other services. Calendar meetings automatically create a video conferencing room that requires only a webcam and internet connection to join. Chat and Meet also work on mobile devices, so you can stay in touch on the go as well.

Forms form building

Create a survey using the easy-to-use form builder and publish it to your channels. Forms is one of the most used questionnaire builders in the world. The reason for this is simple, it is easy to use and can be integrated with many other services. The survey can be embedded on the website, shared with a link or directly via email. Forms can also be used to collect data internally. Forms responses can be transferred directly to the Sheets table and from there, for example, as a source to the Datastudio Dashboard for visualization.

Admin control panel

Centrally manage all your organization's accounts from one place. The Admin console is a versatile platform from which you can restrict, for example, the use of certain applications in your organization. If you want, you can also create forced security settings for different devices in your organization. You can e.g. Forces the use of a password on all smart devices that log on to an organization's Workspace accounts. 

Slides presentations

Create a presentation for a meeting or even a training session and easily share it, even with a screen split in a Meet meeting. Slides is an easy-to-use tool for building presentations. In addition to the basic features, you can build a visual formula using the Sheet table in Drive, for example. Slides presentations can also be downloaded to a format supported by Microsoft.

Other services

Workspace IDs also function as normal Google IDs. So you can sign in with your credentials to all the other Google services like: Analytics, Search Console, Youtube, Ads, etc. This will connect all your services behind your company account and allow you to share access between your various employees. You can also log in to your Workspace account on your phone and sync all the information between your phone and your account.
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Choose the one that suits youGoogle Workspace Package

Business Starter

Starter package for small businesses
per user per month
Video conferencing for up to 100 people
30 GB of cloud storage per user
Email support in Finnish
Finnish payment methods

Business Standard

Plenty of cloud storage
per user per month
Video conferencing for 150 people and their recording
2 TB of cloud storage per user
Finnish e-mail and telephone support
Finnish payment methods

Business Plus

For medium and large companies
per user per month
e-Discovery and storage features
Video conferencing, recording and participant information for 250 people
5 TB of cloud storage per user
Finnish e-mail and telephone support
Finnish payment methods
Prices quoted VAT 0%.

Modern Tool Kit 

For a company that aims for a more efficient everyday life

Modernize the day-to-day operational and administrative tasks of your business with top-notch Google services.
Google Workspace Email vs. Web Hosting Email
A Google Workspace account works in the same way as a free @ gmail.com account, but you still get a lot of additional features. So you can use a new Google Workspace account for organizations in the same way you use a free account. For example, you can add an account to your Android phone and control from the Google Admin console what security settings your phone should have. This is a useful feature, for example, when your organization has multiple phones.
You can create a Youtube account and channel with your Google Workspace account. This is how your company's Youtube content is linked to the account you control. At the same time, you can set up a Google Ads and Analytics account under the same user and share it with other users in your organization. This way, you don't have to have a separate @ gmail.com account for your organization, but you can centrally manage all the accounts that belong to your company, and share them internally or even externally.

Tuonetti uses the Google Workspace environment to run a business community and we have many years of experience using that platform. We are constantly building new automations to speed up everyday tasks. The various office tools on this cloud platform communicate with each other very seamlessly, allowing for the creation of an almost limitless number of different integrations.

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Finnish language support

Our competent customer service always serves in Finnish. We advise you to use the services and help you to make your daily life easier.

Finnish payment methods

Pay for Google Workspace through Finnish payment methods and receive clear receipts for your accounting. You can read about all our payment methods from here.