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Does your company appear in the search results? SEARCH ENGINE optimization improves the visibility of pages in search engine search results. We'll help you see each other better.
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Search engines are the most important place in modern times to search for information. That's how you look for information about everything. The report published by Google clearly shows how much different search terms users use. It is therefore worthwhile to appear in the search results. Check out the solutions we offer and invest even better in search engine search results.
Optimize the download speed of your homepage
Identify and optimize search terms
Content optimization
Active monitoring and competition mapping

Search engine Audit

Extensive site research and analysis, from which precise guidance is created to correct different points of onglema. By auditing your page, you will get a good idea of how well your page is search engine optimized. During the audit, you will receive a list of repairs and instructions to improve the search engine transparency of your pages.

Website audit

We go through your entire site manually manually, as well as through various auditing tools. We will look at how your pages have been implemented and how well they are search engine optimized.


We will write you an extensive report on the grievances we have found and give instructions on how to rectify them. The report is multi-part and will be submitted to you within a period of approximately one month.

Follow-up of results

If you wish, you can enable our active reporting to receive a report on your current search engine visibility at the agreed intervals.
Every 1 month, 3 months or 6 months


Do you want to learn how to do SEARCH engine optimization yourself? We are happy to come to the site to train your staff to produce even better content that search engines like.
Distance training or close training

SEO audit price list

SEO Auditing is convenient to combine with other SEO services. After the audit, many still choose to receive regular reports, which will see the impact of changes on investments in search results.
+ VAT24%
Auditing small and medium-sized sites as a single fixed price. The SEO report is produced on a schedule of approximately one month and is delivered in several parts if necessary. We recommend that you also familiarise yourself with our active search engine tracking.
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active allo tracking

We continuously monitor the location of your site in search results and create a continuously updated report on this. For example, the report is published once a month or once a quarter. In connection with the report, you will receive a summary of any ongles or different solutions that could improve the ranking in the search results.

Tracking search engine rankings

In cooperation with you, we define several search terms and competitors to start active tracking of your site's ranking in Google search results. 

Activate analytics and share views

First, you will receive instructions on how to deploy different analytics tools. We will assist you in the deployment of these services and ask you to share with us the right to view this information. At the same time, we activate our own tracking tools.

Collecting analytics

Every day, we collect analytics about how your pages rank in Google search results and create easy-to-interpret reports on this for you. If necessary, you will be offered a separate link to monitor analytics in real time.

Reports and repair suggestions

You can order reports sent at certain intervals from us at maximum every six months. These reports also include suggestions for corrections and analysis of how your pages rank in search results.


Reports from the previous episode are always sent in the first week of the month.

Every 6 months

1 report
+ VAT24%

Every 3 months

1 report
+ VAT24%

Every 1 month

1 report
+ VAT24%
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EDUCATION & Consulting

Anyone learns the basics of SEO. We are happy to train you and your team to produce optimal content and make the necessary technical changes to improve search engine ranking.

SEO training

We tailor an entire training package according to your industry and help you develop your company's internal expertise in search engine optimization. We will first map your current level of competence and, on this basis, create an effective and accurate training for you.
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seo trainingsearch engine consultation

Sein engine optimization in order at once

With years of experience, we offer consultation on how you can improve your company's search engine coverage. We train your staff to do everything themselves so that you retain your know-how. contact us and tell us what your company's goal is online.
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