We produce modern and high-quality websites for companies and associations. We always build them from simple landing pages, to very complex online stores and customer sites. We use the WordPress content management system for the majority of our projects, which is why we have optimized the entire page building process very clearly and quickly. This allows us to deliver very high quality websites in a very short time.
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What makes a good website all about?

A first look at websites says a lot about their quality. A good website meets certain criteria that we focus on especially during the development phase of the pages.


Just as when people meet, the first impression already determines the majority of opinions towards another person, so on the website, the first impression also has a significant effect. For this reason, it is important that the appearance of the website is modern. The pages should work on every device - both mobile and desktop. We build all the websites ourselves from the beginning, and we do not use product themes without the customer's request.
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Website download speed is a very important factor in today’s market. If the pages don’t load quickly enough, customers will leave before they’ve even gotten to see any content on your site. Very impractical pages push the customer path away. That's why we optimize all home pages to load and run as smoothly as possible. We focus on making your homepage user-friendly.


We publish an average of 10 sites a year.

Website turnkey service

If you wish, you can order everything from us from start to finish as a turnkey service. In this case, in addition to the home page, you get a Webhost, a domain name and all other services, so all you have to do is admire the construction of your new pages.

WordPress homepages

We produce the majority of websites using WordPress because of its dynamism. We are able to create very complex systems with it. Read our blog, why do we like to choose WordPress as the basis for almost every home page. WordPress websites scale as the company grows. You can easily start with low-cost landing pages that contain everything you need from contacts to services, and dynamically add content and features as your business continues to grow.

Building a website step by step

How is the development of new websites progressing? Below you can see a very typical project flow when you buy a website from us. All procedures vary according to the customer's needs, if necessary.

Contact & bid

First, the customer contacts them in the way that works best for them and tells them what kind of website they need. Here we create a price estimate and offer, as well as a plan for how the project will be implemented.

Design & ideation

We discuss with the client how much they themselves want to be able to influence which element. Often the client only tells the color scheme and describes the style of the company / association in a few sentences. With this information, we begin to design the look and practical implementation of the site.

Building a foundation

We are starting to build a customer-friendly website environment. The most common option is the WordPress content management system. We save a huge amount of time by using our ready-made systems that pre-install the necessary add-ons and settings. If necessary, we tailor everything to the customer.

Implementation of the first version

We build all the material coming to the site in a simplified way. Once we have completed the demo version, we give the customer IDs for our development environment where he can follow the development of his pages. If the customer is satisfied, we will continue to build the site further.

Lastly and testing

Once the customer is satisfied with the look and layout of the website, we will start finishing. Finishing includes e.g. Search engine optimization, improving download speed and ensuring the responsiveness of pages. We test the functionality of the sites on different devices and finally we go through the security of the site.


The site is introduced to the customer and published to the public. If necessary, the customer receives extensive training on how to maintain the website themselves, or the customer can outsource it to us if they wish.

genuine turnkey package

Websites alone are not yet a turnkey service. New websites require web hosting, domain and maintenance to work. We offer all of these under one roof without having to procure services from multiple sources.
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Search engine optimization

Already during the first design phase, we think carefully about how to make our website as search engine optimal as possible. During the construction phase, we shape the content of your site to match the keywords that are important to you. Our goal is to make your business appear as well as possible in the search results of various search engines.
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Web hosting and domain

By purchasing a website in addition to a web host and domain from us, you get a complete turnkey package. In this case, we will be able to offer you more extensive support and help you fix technical issues.
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Carefree maintenance of wordpress websites

Website maintenance

Just as computer updates need to be installed on time for security reasons, the software on your home page should be updated from time to time. All websites require maintenance. When you buy a website from us, you get free maintenance for the first six months.
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