Carefree WordPress Hosting

Forget about constantly maintaining and updating your website. Let us host your WordPress pages. Forget about time consuming updating and backup, we take care of everything for you.


Maintaining a WordPress home page may be at its simplest, updating add-ons, but we have a lot more to maintain.

WordPress updates

The core of the WordPress site receives updates at regular intervals, accompanied by a lot of security-related changes. It is important that these updates are made in a timely manner.

Add-on updates

Most hacking on WordPress pages is due to out-of-date add-ons and their vulnerabilities. Add-ons should therefore always be updated in a timely manner.

Theme updates

If you use a common theme, you should install their updates in a timely manner. Theme updates often improve the functionality of themes across multiple platforms.

Site uptime

We constantly monitor how well your site is available and report to you whenever your site has visited countries.


We will automatically back up your WordPress site before making any changes. This will allow your site to be restored if something goes wrong.

Content updates

We make small content changes on request on a fast schedule. This feature is part of the Maintenance Plus service only.

Monthly reports

The monthly report creates transparency in our service and through this you know exactly what we do on your site.

Security scanning

We scan the hosted site at regular intervals and report back to you if we find any serious security issues.

WordPress Hosting With all the delicacies cheaply

Stop worrying about WordPress for your site's functionality and external maintenance for professionals.
7.95 € / month
+ ALV24%
Forget about constantly maintaining and updating your website. From us, you can get WordPress website hosting really cheaply. We update the WordPress kernel, add-ons and themes automatically. We monitor your site and let you know if there are any issues with your site. You will also receive a monthly report on everything we have done on your site.

Choose more comprehensive WordPress hosting PLUS

€ 19.95 / month
+ ALV24%

WordPress Hosting Plus

With Plus, you can completely forget about making content changes. You just let us know what needs to change, and we will do it for you on a fast schedule.

introduction of the service

Maintenance introduced the same day.

1. Ordering

Once you have ordered and paid for the maintenance, we will log in to your WordPress home page with the IDs you provide and install our maintenance add-on. Alternatively, you can also install the add-on provided by us yourself.

2. Commissioning

We will do a preliminary review of your site and create a first backup. We review the page for security issues and report if they are found. At the same time, your site will be integrated into our automated management, which monitors the functionality of your site.

3. Maintenance

We review the functionality of your pages and always update your site themes, add-ons and the WordPress kernel as needed. We will also make any minor content changes upon request at short notice. We take time to back up your WordPress pages so that we can help you even in the event that the pages need to be restored.