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"Haminan Pallo-Kissat ry is a football and futsal club from Hamina, established in 1950. The club's 70-year history includes many great achievements, important milestones and the participation of several thousand football enthusiasts from Hamina and the surrounding municipalities in the good spirit of the club community as players and club and team officials."

A websites was built for Haminan Pallo-Kissat ry, which has a clear structure and better serves the club's members. For all members of the club or those interested in its activities, the necessary information can be found immediately on the homepage. Events, current articles and other information are clearly displayed. Members of the club's board can easily edit the majority of the site themselves, directly through the WordPress control panel.

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Project details

Released in: 2019
Category: Website
Website URL: https://hapk.fi/

Technology used

Oxygen Builder
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