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Customer story

FPC GYM is a gym with a tough attitude in the centre of Hamina. With us, you get all your gym services under one roof at competitive prices. Our gym is constantly evolving and we invest in high-quality equipment. Come and discover our services for free! Our gym is located in the centre of Hamina at Isoympyräkatu 13.

FPC GYM is one of our long-standing clients, for whom we have been providing our website and other services for many years. Located in Hamina, this attitude-rich gym is not afraid to stand out with its unique look. An effort has been made to bring Sal's attitude directly online in the form of a website.

This project is larger than a normal website and includes a large number of fully customised features. Perhaps the most unique feature of these is the truly elegant tiled implementation, where you can search and browse the equipment in the hall from a directory.

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Project details

Released in: 2022
Category: Website
Website URL: https://fpcgym.fi

Technology used

Oxygen Builder
Laitelista täysin räätälöitynä ominaisuutena ilman lisäosia
Täysin uniikki design

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