Tulevaisuuden kuntoutus

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The Future of Rehabilitation website is for you if you are interested in accessing rehabilitation research, studying rehabilitation or networking with other rehabilitation experts.

We implemented an extensive website project for Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. The site has a separate members' section with a discussion forum and customisable profiles. The site is built on the principle of accessibility first. The homepage is powered by Elementor Pro and a huge number of truly customised features, such as notifications and messages for users. There are several forms on the page, backed up by a large amount of facilitating automation. The site as a whole is extensive and one of Tuonetti's biggest projects.

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Project details

Released in: 2022
Category: Website
Website URL: https://tulevaisuudenkuntoutus.fi/

Technology used

Elementor Pro
Käyttäjien väliset yksityisviestit
Tuonetti:n WordPress Pilvi -palvelin
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