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Haitor Oy has been a technical company since 1982 and is Finland's leading expert in bolt and screw connection work. We offer the latest in tensioning technology, the highest quality tools and spare parts on the market, as well as maintenance, calibration and rental services. We tailor all the necessary technology to our customers' needs and work alongside them from the design stage through to the maintenance and modernisation of their fixing solutions.

A major site entity in partnership with another company. Tuonetti implemented a significant part of the site's layout. The layout is also mostly raw coded.

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Project details

Released in: 2021
Category: Homepage
Website URL: https://www.haitor.com/

Technology used

Kustomoitu Teema
Erittäin suuri projekti, jossa mukana useampi yritys
Merkittävä määrä raaka CSS koodia
Tuonetti:n WordPress Pilvi -palvelin

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