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Airsoft equipment from long-time enthusiasts of the sport

We launched a new websites for Tierone Ltd in 2020, which will serve as their online shop for Airsoft equipment. The online store's layout has been fully customised from the start to create a unique look and feel. Since the launch, the website has been updated extensively and the shopping experience has been optimised for customers. Product search is proactive and efficient. The pages are powered by Tuonetti's WordPress Cloud service, so the pages load very quickly even though it's a heavy online store. And as if that wasn't enough, the site is also bilingual!

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Project details

Released in: 2020
Category: Website
Website URL: https://tierone.fi/

Technology used

Oxygen Builder
Kehittyneempi tuotehaku
Täysin uniikki ja erottuva ulkoasu
Tuonetti WordPress Pilvi -palvelin
WPML monikielisyys

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