Search Engine Optimisation
As a service

Does your business appear in search results? Search engine optimisation, or SEO, improves the visibility of pages in search engine results. We help you to be more visible.
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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

Search engines are the main place to look for information today. It's the way to get information on everything. A report published by Google clearly shows the huge variety of search terms used by users. So it pays to show up in search results. Discover the solutions we offer and rank better in search engine results.
Optimisation of website loading speeds
Identifying and optimising search terms
Content optimisation
Active monitoring and competition mapping
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Comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation as a service offers a comprehensive package to help you secure a better ranking in search results.


An extensive SEO audit is a comprehensive Search Engine Optimisation study of your website. The findings of the audit will be compiled into a comprehensive report with practical suggestions for improving your website's SEO. We will help you make the repairs.

SEO Portal

Welcome to a modern SEO portal where you can monitor your website's ranking in search engines, even in real time. You can also use the portal to monitor changes in your competitors' rankings. Implement proactive Search Engine Optimisation using a large dataset.

Active monitoring

We also monitor the ranking of pages in search results on your behalf. We will report potential problems and, if necessary, even fix them for you. The service is tailored to your needs. Climb up in search results effortlessly!

SEO Portal

Know all about your pages' search engine rankings.
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Search Engine Optimisation made easy

We will work with you to identify a number of search terms and competitors to start actively monitoring your site's ranking in Google search results.

Activating analytics

You will first receive instructions on how to set up the different analytical tools. We will assist you in setting up these services and ask you to grant us viewing rights to this information. At the same time, we activate our own monitoring tools.

Collecting analytics

We collect daily analytics on how your pages rank in Google search results and create easy-to-interpret reports for you. If necessary, you will be provided with a separate link where you can follow the analytics in real time.

Reports and proposals for corrections

You can subscribe to receive reports from us at regular intervals, up to a maximum of every six months. These reports also include suggestions for corrections and analysis of how your pages rank in search results.

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Search Engine Optimisation done right the first time!
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Tailored for you

Search Engine Optimisation training

We tailor a complete training package to your industry and help you develop in-house expertise in search engine optimisation. We first map your current skills level and then use this to create an effective and precise training programme for you.
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Search Engine Optimisation

Broad consultation regardless of the sector

With years of experience, we offer advice on how you can improve your company's search engine visibility. We train your staff to do everything themselves, so you keep the know-how. Contact us and let us know what your company's goal is online.
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