Top 10 Most Useful WordPress Add-ons for 2020

We build several WordPress pages a month. We are constantly testing different add-ons and themes to always find the best WordPress add-ons for our customers. So here we find the most useful WordPress plugins we use.

The best WordPress add-ons

Let's start first with the page / theme builders. We’ve tried almost everyone and many would certainly expect us to say that Elementor is the best builder right now. For our use, however, Elementor is by no means a sensible page builder.

1. Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder is our choice when it comes to WordPress page builders. Elementor, Beaver, Divi and others are more geared towards those whose HTML and CSS skills are not yet very advanced. Oxygen Builder is aimed more at professionals and provides better tools for those who can handle HTML and CSS code. The source code published by Oxygen is also much cleaner, and pages built with Oxygen are quite faster than those built with Div, for example. Read our Oxygen Builder introduction

2. SEOPress or RankMath

We think the best Search Engine Optimization WordPress plugins are SEOPress, and Rank Math. Rank Math is free, so if you are looking for a free search engine optimization add-on then we recommend Rank Math. However, we choose SEOPress itself more often than Rank Math. The reason for that is a better experience with upgrades and customer service. SEOPress is also fully compatible with Oxygen Builder.

We do not recommend the Yoast SEO add-on. All of Yoast's paid features are free in Rank Math or in one of SEOPress's Pro Purchases. Yoast doesn’t offer anything that others wouldn’t offer more cheaply.

3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Fast loading of pages is even more important this year. Impatient users immediately leave slow pages. One of the biggest slowdowns in page loading is large images. So it’s a good idea to make sure the images you upload to your site are optimized. ShortPixel provides a good tool to solve this problem. The add-on compresses the images thus. that the image quality does not suffer much, but the image size decreases.

Smaller images -> faster pages.

4. WP Mail SMTP

Is sending an email tangled in WordPress contact forms? Correct the situation WP Mail SMTP with add-on. The add-on allows e-mails to be forwarded via an SMTP server. This significantly increases the success rate of sending messages. The add - on also makes it easy to connect to things like Gmail or G Suite your account to WordPress.

5. Insert Headers and Footers

Additional WordPress purchases that make page development significantly easier. Insert Header and Footer The add-on, as the name implies, helps add code to your site and

inside the tags. Adding different analytics tool codes makes more sense.

6. Code Snippets

Another really great development plugin for WordPress is Code Snippets. With this add-on, you run custom PHP code snippets according to the terms, anywhere. No more need to add code functions.php file, but you can manage them directly from the Code Snippets plugin. This add-on is definitely one of the most used add-ons.

7. Formidable Forms

Form builder WordPress add-ons are for the most part very similar. The interface is just a little different. But if you want to build slightly more complex forms then we recommend you check it out Formidable Forms to the rest. In the Pro version, our absolute favorite is "Repeater"feature. It allows you to build very complex forms with repetitive sections.

8. Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Speed Booster

WordPress add-ons that speed up the loading of pages. What if you took a new approach to optimizing your page load speed? Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Speed Booster The add-on removes unnecessary CSS and JS files from different pages. So you prevent unnecessary code from loading on pages where you don't have to download it. For example, you can remove the code for your contact form from loading on pages where the form does not appear.

9. UpdraftPlus

Be sure to back up your WordPress home page. We do it many times UpdraftPlus add-on because it allows us to back up to our Google Drive on a scheduled basis. UpdraftPlus + G Suite Business is a great combination if you have multiple pages under control.

10. Disable Comments

Disable Comments is a very simple add-on that disables comments. If you don't need WordPress comments, then disable them completely.

Need help choosing WordPress add-ons? We are helping we will be happy to choose the right add-ons for your pages.

The article is written by Tuomas Lindroos
Entrepreneur in Tuonetti - Turbonörtti web developer who specializes in creating websites and developing web servers.