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We help you increase your team's internal expertise and streamline your business models. Our training is always tailored to the needs and wishes of your company.
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Distance learning
We prefer to hold distance learning through the Google Meet platform. Everyone can easily participate in the training and they can be recorded.
On-site training
Certain things are easier to train by holding hands-on exercises on site.
Do you need documentation related to the use of a particular system that is not otherwise available? We produce the documentation for you in electronic form.
Training packages
Larger training packages that include more distance and / or short training. Together, design an entity that supports your goals.

online service training

If we do it as a service, we know and we also want to train them to use it.

WordPress trainings

With many years of experience, we understand one sun from another WordPress platform. We train e.g. Website building, search engine optimization, website maintenance and much more. Let us know where you need help and we will create a customized training on that topic.

Deployment and use of services

Do you need to improve site analytics or better understand how your site works? We help you implement various services that enhance the efficiency of your company's online operations. At the same time, we will guide you through their use from start to finish.

Company security

It is everyone's responsibility to protect personal information and customer information. Companies must follow high enough standard security procedures to protect their own information and customer information. We train your staff to follow better security practices.

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