What does the price of a website consist of? - 6 points how the price is built

What does the price of a website consist of?

The price of a website consists of the different stages, the hours spent on them and the professionalism of the website designer. When you shop at home, it's good to know what you're paying for and what the final price is. Companies developing home pages may have very different price ranges, but at the same time their end results may look very similar. In this blog post, we'll go through what everything actually adds up to the price of a website, and why the price differences in this sector are so wide.

The steps and how they affect the price of a website

1. Contact and joint planning

It all starts when a customer first contacts us. If the customer has used our price calculator, we already know a very large part of what they want from their new website. Designing and discussing the content of a website does not in itself raise the price of a website with us. We want to give the customer as good a picture as possible of what they can expect when they buy a service from us.

2. Designing the body and layout of the website

Next, we start designing the body and layout according to your requirements. We will provide a development environment for your website on our self-built development server. Unlike our competitors, we have built an automated system to set up your WordPress site with all the plugins, themes, configurations and page structures you need. This automation speeds up the building of the page by several hours, and this saving is clearly reflected in the price of our websites. In less than ten minutes, we can build a page layout for you. The layout is usually built using side builders such as Elementor or Oxygen Builder. This gives you a very unique look at a low cost, rather than the same expression themes you see everywhere else.

3. Producing or arranging content

If you produce the content (images, texts and logos) for your website yourself, the price of the website is significantly lower than if we produce the content for you. The reason for this is the number of working hours, which can hardly be automated or cut without compromising quality. If necessary, we will adapt the texts and images you create to fit your website, taking search engine optimisation into account. This stage takes up the majority of the project and increases the price of the website depending on the size of the website.

4. Special features

the price of a website can be very high if you need special features. Normal contact forms, calendars and photo galleries don't add much to the price, but when you're talking about, say, fifty plus products. In the online shop, the price of the pages already rises by several hundred euros. Online shops and appointment booking systems require considerable hours of work and testing to make sure they work properly. If the website does not include any special features, the price of the website will remain low.

5. Changes

We present the site to the client very early on to avoid back and forth changes. As we develop the pages on our development server, we are able to provide a link and password to preview the pages. This way, we don't make unnecessary work and the customer can express his opinion immediately between the different versions. This saves us many man-hours and keeps the price of the website low. The more changes made to the initial requirements, the more man-hours are generated, which increases the cost of the website.

6. Maintenance, web hosting and domain address

Finally, once you approve the final version, we will start transferring the pages to your server or hosting service. It is up to you to decide which provider you want to use. Tuonetti also offers web hosting for small and medium-sized websites. You will also need a domain address (e.g. www.tuonetti.fi) and website maintenance. You can do the maintenance yourself, and we will train you to do this if you wish. However, we do offer you maintenance services, whereby we will update your page for you and make minor content changes at your request.

The price of a website through examples

With our price calculator you can calculate an estimate for the type of website you want. By choosing the features you need, you already know to the nearest €500 what your website will cost. An informative websites for a small or medium-sized company often contains 3-4 pages and an average of around 200 words per page. The website may also contain a contact form and a photo gallery. Such pages cost us around €500 - €1500. The price cut is entirely due to the working methods we use, which have allowed us to minimise the number of man-hours without compromising on quality.

Written by Tuomas
Yrittäjä @ Tuonetti
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