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A modern and stylish website is an essential part of today's corporate image. Our passion is to produce them. We build websites for businesses and associations, from simple landing pages to highly complex e-commerce and customer sites. We believe in the versatility of WordPress and produce all our sites using it. All our services are optimised to work perfectly with WordPress sites. That's why we can offer you a real "turnkey" service.
We believe that SMEs should also have the opportunity to have a modern and stylish website.
With a well-optimised process and solid experience, we can cost-effectively produce high-quality WordPress websites.

Layout & Responsibility

In the same way that when people meet, first impressions already determine most opinions of another person, first impressions on a website also have a significant impact. For this reason, it is important that your website has a modern look. The site should work on any device - mobile or desktop. Your website is produced to support your company's image. A first glance at the website also tells you a lot about your company. So we focus on the look and feel and work with you to make it look just like you.
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Speed & practicality

The loading speed of a website is a very important factor for search engine optimisation and usability. If pages don't load fast enough, customers will leave before they have even had a chance to see any content on your site. Very impractical pages push customers away. That's why we optimised all our websites to load and run as quickly as possible. We focus on making your website user-friendly. The design of the website is neat and easy to expand in the future.

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Stand out from the crowd

A website made by a professional 
will not be left unnoticed.

Mobile compatibility
The number of mobile users is constantly growing, so the site must also work on them.
Loading speed
The difference between a good website and a bad one is the loading speed and the speed with which it can be accessed.
The website should be a good user experience for everyone. Ease of use and logic are the keywords here.
Every business wants to grow. The website should also evolve with growth.
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"Tuomas' professionalism in dealing with problem situations is in a class of its own."

Niko Räsänen

"The absolute strength of Tuonetti was the speed of communication and the ability to choose the right visual elements for the industry."

Julius Seligson

Websites development process 
has been made easy for you

A process shaped by experience makes building a website efficient and stress-free for the client.
Contact & offer
Get everything you need to create video online with a media library that helps you save time and hit deadlines.
Development & Approval
Almost immediately, you will receive a login to follow the progress of the website. You can influence developments throughout the project.
Finishing & publishing
Optimization is a big part of the whole process to a perfect website. We will only publish the pages once you approve them. Maintenance will continue from now on.
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Our portfolio includes

Many years of extensive experience

Each project is unique. Every project is a challenge. Every project is important to us!
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"Our company made the decision to relaunch its website. Working with Tuomas was easy from the beginning. Once the project got underway, Tuomas was professional, fast and uncomplicated. We are very happy with the end result and a big recommendation from us to Tuonetti."
Miika Niemi
Prontec Services
"Professionalism also translates into good customer service, something that is by no means a given these days. Tuomas was very responsive to our scheduling challenges and was able to move the work forward even when working independently and creatively."
Sari Somersalmi
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WordPress Websites

We produce the majority of our websites using WordPress because of its dynamic nature. We can create very complex systems with it. Read our blog to find out why we like to use WordPress for almost every website. WordPress websites scale as your business grows. You can easily start with low-cost landing pages that contain everything you need from contact details to services, and dynamically add content and features as your business continues to grow.
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Building a website step by step

How is the development of the new website progressing? Below you can see a very typical project flow when you buy a website from us. All procedures vary according to the needs of the client, if necessary.

Contact & make an offer

The first step is to contact us in the way that suits you best and tell us what kind of website is needed. We will then provide you with a price estimate and a quotation, and a plan of how the project will be carried out.

Design & ideation

We discuss with the client how much they want to be able to influence an element. Often, the customer will only describe the colour scheme and the style of the company/association in a few sentences. With this information, we start planning the look and feel of the site.

Building the foundation

We start building a website environment that suits the customer. The most common option is the WordPress content management system. We save a huge amount of time by using our off-the-shelf systems, which install the necessary add-ons and settings out of the box. If necessary, we can tailor everything to the customer.

Implementation of the first version

We structure all the material that goes on the site in a concise way. Once we have completed the demo version, we give the customer access to our development environment where they can follow the development of their site. If the customer is satisfied, we will continue to build the site.

Debugging and testing

Once the client is happy with the look and layout of the website, we start the final touches. The finishing touches include. Search engine optimisation, improving loading speeds and ensuring responsive pages. We test the functionality of the sites on different devices and finally we go through the security of the site.

Keys in hand

Once the client is happy with the look and layout of the website, we start the final touches. The finishing touches include. Search engine optimisation, improving loading speeds and ensuring responsive pages. We test the functionality of the sites on different devices and finally we go through the security of the site.

Genuine turnkey service

A website alone is not a turnkey service. New websites require a web hosting, domain and maintenance to function. We offer all this under one roof, without you having to buy services from several different providers.
Search engine optimisation
Training & SEO as a service
Web hosting and domain
Fast & Finnish
Website maintenance
Carefree & Affordable
SEO as a service or training

Search engine optimisation

Already during the initial design phase, we thought carefully about how to make the website as search engine optimised as possible. During the build phase, we will tailor your website content to match the keywords that matter to you. Our aim is to get your business to appear as prominently as possible in search engine results.
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Web hosting and Domain

Fast Web Host is a must-have service these days. Your website needs a modern hosting platform to load fast enough. Our web host is the perfect solution for your new WordPress website.
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WordPress website maintenance

In the same way that computer updates need to be installed on time for security reasons, the software on your website needs to be updated from time to time. All websites require maintenance. When you buy a website from us, you get free maintenance for the first six months.
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