We create modern websites for businesses and communities. Our websites vary from simple landing pages to complicated e-commerce sites. Most of our projects are done with WordPress and we have optimized all of our workflow to provide the best possible outcome for a competitive price.
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What makes a website perfect?

The first glance of a site tells a lot about its quality. Great websites fill certain criterias on which we focus on during the building process.


Websites theme, overall look and feel is the first selling point. First impression is important. Like when people meet each other the first time. This is why we focus on responsive and good looking websites.


Website speed is a big factor these days. If your site does not load fast enough, your customer will leave. Unpractical sites also push potential customers away. This is why we optimize your customers websites for speed. We also focus on making the sites as usable as possible.

WordPress websites

We use WordPress to develop most of our websites because of its flexibility. With WordPress we are able to create complex systems or simple landing pages. WordPress websites scale well for any business. You are able to grow your site at the same time as you grow your whole business.
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Websites as all-in-one service

You can order WordPress websites from us as an all-in-one package. This package will include a complete website along with a super fast hosting and a domain.

Building websites step by step

How is the project coming along? Check our normal routine for website development.
Step #1

First contact and offer creation

First the customer contacts us with their prefered method and tells us briefly about what kind of website they are looking for. We create a price estimate and an offer based of these details.
Step #2

Planning and ideas

We start a conversation between the customer to find out more in depth about their wishes and requirements. In most cases our customers tell us about their brand guidelines and with them we start to create our first sketch.
Step #3

Initial sketch and framework

We start by creating a development environment. Whenever possible, we use our own servers to speed up the initial installation process. We custom build everything for our customers.
Step #4

Working on the first verison

Now we start by creating a basic layout as a first version for of the website. After this we let our customer login to the development environment to check how the project is coming along. If the customer is happy, we continue forward.
Step #5

Finishing and testing

Finalizing the website includes SEO, speed optimization, making the site responsive and making sure everything works as intended. We test the websites with most common devices to make sure they work on as many platforms as possible.
Step #6

Handing everything over

The site will be presented to the customer and after the final approval we sign off the site. The customer will be invoiced and the site will be published.
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Search Engine Optimization

Right from the beginning we keep a close look at how we can make the site as search engine optimized as possible. If you choose to let us create the content for your site, we will make sure the content is as optimized as possible for search engines.

Hosting and domain

By buying our hosting services as well as a domain address, you will receive a complete all-in-one package. With this combination you will receive the best possible support for your website.
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Webiste upkeep

Same way as installing updates on time for your computer is important, it's also important to do it on your websites. All websites require a frequent upkeep. All of our website customers will receive a free 6 month upkeep.

Additional services

With your new website, you might want to look into other services along with the new site. We can for example offer G Suite service to give you even better control over email and cloud storage.
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