What is WHOIS protection? - Who owns this domain?

How do I know who really owns a particular domain name? The WHOIS database will tell you this information. So, to answer your question immediately: you can check who owns a particular domain using the WHOIS lookup tool. For example, this one. However, if you want to understand more about WHOIS data and how to protect it, please continue reading.

WHOIS (who is)

WHOIS is an internet service whose purpose is to provide information about registered domain addresses. This information includes, for example. Contact details of the registrant, name servers in use and owner. WHOIS is not an acronym, but it is also known as an abbreviation for "Who is responsible for this domain name?". Which translates to "Who is responsible for this domain name?". However, WHOIS data can be protected in some cases. Since this information is always publicly available, it is sometimes a good idea to protect it.

WHOIS -protection

Most domain registrars also offer a service called "WHOIS protection" or "WHOIS protection". The purpose of this service is to protect your data and replace it with data from the registrar's service. The registry data also includes your address, email address, and telephone number. Therefore, protecting them with such a service is sometimes wise. For example, unprotected .com address holders often receive spam emails or spam phone calls.

whois protection

.FI domain names

However, not all domains can be protected by such a service. One good example is the Finnish .fi domain name. Since it cannot be protected, it also attracts credit. A Finnish .fi domain name is therefore always backed by a person, company or association.

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