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Improve the functionality of your WordPress website in every area. A fully dedicated server maintained by WordPress for your website. The WordPress Cloud is a premium hosting solution for websites that need to work properly in every situation. Extensive customisability and unlimited scalability ensure that your site gets the best possible home.
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What is WordPress Cloud?

The main advantage of the WordPress Cloud is that server resources are never shared with other clients. So your pages will never be slow, they will load quickly for everyone.

Dedicated IP address

The server has its own IP address and is not shared with other clients. This way you avoid misbehaving neighbours on shared servers. The server also has its own IPv6 address.

Lots of power

All our servers are very efficient and located in Finland. There are no other users on the server, so all the power is at your disposal. If necessary, also dedicated processors.

Easy deployment

When you order WordPress Cloud from us, you get WordPress installed and maintained directly as a turnkey service. So you can start building the perfect website immediately.

Automatic backup

Our system automatically takes WordPress backups once a day and keeps them for up to 30 days. We also take daily automatic server-level backups, which can be restored whenever something goes wrong.

Free SSL certificate

An SSL certificate encrypts the connection between the server and the browser. A free SSL certificate is installed on the server and activated for use on the site. Read our article on HTTP vs HTTPS!

Developer tools

Are you a WordPress developer? If you wish, you can use a wide range of development tools such as GIT, WP-CLI, SSH, etc. Different features can be installed on the server according to the customer's requirements.

Object cache

Right out of the box, you'll have Redis Cache object cache, which clearly speeds up site loading. Alternatively, you can use the Memcached service.


Because each server is customer-specific, we can make fully customised services to meet your company's needs. Tell us briefly about your business needs and we will provide you with a free quote for all services.

WordPress Staging

Develop your WordPress website in the development environment first and only make it public after testing. This is easily done with the WordPress Cloud platform. Activate WordPress Staging by sending a request to Customer Service.

High level of security

The server is protected by modern technologies and monitored 24/7. The server is protected by a firewall and the website by an application-level firewall (WAF).

Fully maintained

The majority of our customers like the peace of mind of WordPress Cloud, as the server is fully managed by us. We help you maintain a complete WordPress website. Also check out our WordPress maintenance.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is a fully supported and recommended add-on service for the WordPress Cloud platform. You get a free global CDN and added security for your site. Cloudflare is activated by default for all WordPress Cloud servers.

WordPress Cloud, which scales with your activity

A genuinely faster and safer hosting solution.


Lightweight website or development platform
1 vCPU
20Gb storage
1 Website
20Tb Traffic
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The most popular package for SMEs
2 vCPU
40Gb storage
2 websites
20Tb Traffic
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Perfect for an E-Commerce site
4 vCPU
160Gb storage
3 websites
10 GB storage
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PRO Scalable

A tailor-made solution, scalable to your needs
Up to 10Tb of storage if needed
Fully customisable server settings
Load balancers as an additional service
Tailored backups
20Tb Traffic
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Looking for shared Hosting?

Our WordPress Cloud is more suited for larger and more complex websites. We have a super fast Finnish Hosting Service available which is perfect for nearly all small and medium sized businesses.
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Why choose WordPress Cloud?


Information security

A completely dedicated cloud server that is not shared with other customers. The server is protected by state-of-the-art technologies and monitored 24/7 by our automated monitoring system.
Own server
DDoS protection
WAF (application firewall)


A dedicated server means that all the power of that server is only available to your website. We guarantee that your website will load really fast.
Nginx & Apache
Redis cache
Optimised software


As your business grows, so does the power of your WordPress Cloud server. The server can also be temporarily upgraded to be more efficient.
Possibility to increase power
Boosting sales days
All your organisation's pages on the same server


You don't have to worry about maintaining the server at all. We'll do it all for you. We also offer WordPress maintenance.
A carefree solution
Focus on the essentials
Also WordPress maintenance

WordPress Cloud is a platform that is customized according to your requirements

We are constantly making our platform more dynamic and more customisable. We take into account the nature of the client's website and recommend the appropriate settings. Our WordPress Cloud service is already trusted by many online entrepreneurs and communities.
Rely on the WordPress Cloud...
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Hetzner Data Center

Our servers are located in the Hetzner data center in Helsinki. The data center is ISO 27001 certified and operates according to green principles. Electricity comes only from renewable sources and is 100% C02 emission free
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Load balancer support

The WordPress Cloud Premium hosting platform is ideal for hosting huge websites. The platform also allows us to build load balancers and balance traffic across multiple servers.
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Free backup

Premium hosting also includes premium backup. By default, WordPress Cloud performs WordPress backups once a day, but if required, backups can also be taken every 30 minutes. Server-level backups are created once a day.

WordPress website migration

We will effortlessly migrate your existing WordPress website to our WordPress Cloud servers. We'll also make the necessary speed optimisations on your behalf to ensure that your page always loads as quickly for everyone. Also check out our affordable WordPress website maintenance. Contact us and ask for a quote for page migration and optimization!

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