8 reasons to choose a WordPress websites for your business

Why choose WordPress for your website?

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system, having created 33% of all websites on the internet. The reason for this is clear: WordPress websites are by far the most versatile websites you will come across on the web and it's free to use. WordPress websites are often very dynamic and customizable, and websites that are incredibly efficient to maintain. From WordPress to make the pages look really modern and mobile-friendly.

WordPress websites scales with business growth

A well-designed WordPress websites scales continuously while at the same time your business grows. You can easily start with low-cost landing pages, which contain everything you need to know about contact details for services, and dynamically add content as well as features while your business continues to grow. WordPress websites also allows you to add complex features to your business on the website. The hairdresser-combers can even maintain themselves an automated booking calendar for their customers. A textile artist can for example, to maintain a modern online shop with all the different payment options. A blogger can, for example. Spin a truly unique blog around which you can build a larger website. With WordPress you don't have to compromise, you always get the best a solution that works for you.

8 reasons why to choose a WordPress websites

1. No licence fees and no hidden costs

WordPress is an open source content management system that is available for free download on the WordPress website. All you need is a web hostingand a web address (such as .fi or .com extension) where to install your page. You can then access for example, build your own WordPress website!

2. Coding skills are not a prerequisite

WordPress websites composed for all users in a web browser the visible site, the frontend and the administrator's login screen from the control panel on the fireplace. The administrator can do using a visual editor to make changes to their website, and this does not may not require any coding skills at all. Simple and clear pages can be set up by anyone after a short study.

3. Add-ons create an unlimited number of possibilities

Thanks to a wide range of add-ons, a WordPress website is able to to implement very complex special features. Here's a good one an example is the price calculator on our own website. There are many accessories free, but the most complex features are found in the paid ones add-ons. The add-ons also include handy page builder tools, which are visual "click and drag" style homepage engines. These plug-ins make it easy to build stylish pages.

4. Responsive websites that also works on your phone.

More and more an internet user visits a website using a mobile device. It is therefore really important that your company's websites loads correctly too for small screens. Responsibility is one of the main conditions for modern websites and WordPress websites are almost are invariably mobile-friendly. By making an effort you get pages to work smoothly on mobile devices. You can try for example, this page on multiple devices and you'll see how it scales to the screen size of your device!

5. Customized or unique layout

Themes are available for every occasion and most of the themes are support customisation according to your company's style. So you can customise the colour theme, fonts and overall look and feel very extensively by installing free themes from the WordPress store. Making themes can be a bit tricky on your own, but by putting in the time and effort you can also create a unique look for yourself! Tuonetti gives its customers the option to choose a customised theme or a completely unique look.

6. Search engine optimisation is not impossible

WordPress is built to be easily readable by search engine bots. By writing well-contented and well-structured articles, you don't necessarily need to pay special attention to search engine optimisation. But you always have the option to also go into detail and download, for example, the Yoast SEO search engine optimization add-on and raise your page's search engine ranking as high as possible.

Read our free WordPress search engine optimization guide!

7. A full-blooded Blog without limits

Many ready-made blog platforms limit the user to a fully functional according to the terms and conditions of the blog platform. WordPress offers a fully a free environment for bloggers where you can also embed special features tailored to your requirements! From WordPress the built-in blogging feature is also one of the most the most versatile article editors. The new Gutenberg block editor makes building articles very easy and fun. This article was also built with Gutenberg!

8. E-commerce readiness

One of the most popular ecommerce platforms is WooCommerce, which is built on top of the WordPress homepage. Because WooCommerce is add-on for WordPress, so you get all the features of WordPress in addition to the online shop. With WooCommerce you can really implement even complex e-commerce transactions with all possible payment methods. You can also sell digital products or create a monthly subscription services that are automatically billed to the customer.

Why buy a WordPress websites from Tuonet?

Our best-selling package is a basic WordPress websites for a business. The reason for this is a really great end result, at a very low price. With our very fast turnaround time, we can deliver pages in just a few days. For the cheapest price, we produce WordPress websites, even for less than 300 euros.

Cheap price does not mean poor quality

We offer websites at a much lower price than some of the from our competitors, but we still produce very fine and high quality entities. The reason for this is simple: we enjoy what we do We do. We charge for the hours worked and any mandatory expenses. We do not charge extra for the total price

No cutting back on features

When you buy a WordPress website from us, you get everything modern expected from the website. The price always includes basic search engine optimisation, load speed optimisation, customised or bespoke theme and really high quality customer service. We never carve out basic features!

Possibility of extension

Start with a small landing page and expand your pages over time over time at a very low cost. With our maintenance package you get page changes, updates and operational monitoring for less than 10 € the monthly price. You don't have to worry about your website, and we we make sure they work.

Personalised customer service

With us, you don't have to explain the same problem to several different to a customer service agent, but you will always be in contact with the same person who has built your page. So you always get expert advice customer service with fast response time!

WordPress add-ons bring more features

Plugins are one of the biggest trump cards of WordPress. Still more application developers producing plug-ins and additional features For WordPress. The demand for various accessories is constantly growing. Read what add-ons we use to build our customers' pages!

1. RankMath or Yoast SEO

You can spend endless time on search engine optimisation, but it's not necessarily improve the result, plus all that time is always off somewhere. There are several good search engine optimisation (SEO) plugins available for WordPress, to facilitate and speed up this process. We use the situation depending on, either RankMath- or Yoast SEO plug-ins. We like RankMath's user interface and lightweight, but Yoast has been in development for longer and is clearly better.

2. Contact Form 7

One of the most popular WordPress plugins ever. Contact Form 7 is a simple contact form that is easy to use. The messages come directly to the administrator's email, and do not in themselves stored on the server.

3. Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Data security is really important, and while WordPress itself is very protected, it lacks important features. Ns. Bruteforce attacks are very common and we want to avoid them. At add-on can prevent users from logging in if they type incorrect password more than once.

4. UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore or All-in-One Site Mitigation

Backup and migration of the WordPress installation from the test environment to public. We use UpdraftPlusfor backup and All-in-One Mitigation for cloning, i.e. moving the site from the development environment to the client servers.

5. Imagify or Smush

Optimising images to be as light as possible is an easy trick to speed up the page load speed. With these add-ons you can implement this automatically. Imagify and Smush optimise images without significantly reducing their quality.

6. Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

Many plugins and WordPress features load unnecessary Javascript and CSS libraries on pages where they are not needed. With this add-on you can to clean up elements of individual pages, which significantly increases the the loading speed of web pages.

Buy a WordPress websitesfor your business

Every company should have a website in the age of digitalisation. Buy from us an affordable WordPress websites for your business that meets all the criteria of a modern website and more! If you're still not convinced, use our price calculator to calculate an estimate according to your requirements and send it to us for a quote!

Any questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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