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WordPress websites are by far the most popular websites on the internet. According to W3Techs, up to 43% of websites on the internet are WordPress websites. In this article, we will go through why so many people choose WordPress as their company's website.

wordpress websites popularity

WordPress website price

The most common question about WordPress websites is, of course, the price. How much does a WordPress website cost? WordPress itself is free because it is an open source project. So anyone can download WordPress and customise it as they like. This in itself is a really big reason why WordPress has gained such widespread popularity. So practically anyone can make their own WordPress website completely free of charge. Of course, making a website requires some learning of new things and depending on how familiar you are with the internet, the learning curve can be steep. However, the developers of WordPress have been doing many things right for a long time, which is why so many people use their product as the basis for their own sites. We go through the different features of WordPress below.

What does it cost to get a WordPress website from a professional?

This question is as easy to answer as asking what a house costs or what a car costs. It's about what kind of website you need. I have seen competitors selling WordPress websites for less than 400€ per package. Unfortunately, these pages are usually mass-produced, badly put together and of poor quality. However, as a customer you set your budget and €400 gets you €400 for a website.

A website production company with a lot of experience in website production will have optimised project management and website implementation in a way that makes website production cost-effective. Simple info pages, i.e. static pages that act as a business card, cost on average between €600 and €1200.

When you buy a website from a professional, you are paying for their time and expertise. The internet is an ever-changing place and a company building a website needs to stay on top of the technological wave constantly. This in itself is really valuable information that can give you a significant advantage over your competitors.

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A sample list of website prices:

NOTE! The example price list is not the actual price list of any operator. It is intended to give some indication of the cost of a website. To get an exact price for a website. Request a quote from a service provider! You can also try our offer calculator if you wish.

The example price list also does not include any of the following services: custom theme, search engine optimization, speed optimization, photography, logo creation.

Sivuston kuvaus Hintahaarukka
  • Staattinen sivusto ilman useasti muuttuvia elementtejä
  • 1-3 alasivua, useasti ns. One-Pager -tyylinen sivu
  • Esittely ja yhteystiedot lyhyesti muutamalla valokuvalla
  • Yhteydenottolomake
Kotisivut PK-yritykselle
  • Pääosin staattinen sivusto, jossa esimerkiksi tapahtumakalenteri tai ajankohtaista -osio.
  • 4-7 alasivua, joissa esimerkiksi sivut: "Palvelut", "Esittely", "Yhteystiedot", "Etusivu" ja "Ajankohtaista".
  • Yhteydenottolomake tai/ja tarjouslomake
  • Kaksikielinen sivusto
  • Verkkokauppa, jossa keskimäärin 50 myytävää tuotetta.
  • Posti ja Matkahuolto integraatio
  • Maksupalvelu esim. Paytrail tai Visma Pay
  • Sähköpostien välityspalvelu
  • Useita eri tuotekategorioita
  • WooCommerce pohja
wordpress website

Why do so many people choose WordPress?

WordPress itself is a content management system. It makes it easy to create, update and maintain website content such as pages of images and articles. WordPress was a blog platform a long time ago, but has evolved a huge amount since then.

The core of the software is easily extensible, which makes the community around WordPress huge. Add-ons and themes allow you to build almost any kind of website. The plugins allow WordPress websites to expand from a small online shop to huge dynamic entities. The themes make it easy to style your look.

WordPress today is already very close to an easy-to-use website, but its extensibility is almost limitless in the capable hands. The basic site is built quickly from a pre-built base, yet every pixel can be customised to suit your needs.

WordPress add-ons

Accessories means additional features to be installed. The WordPress add-ons menu makes it easy to install add-ons to extend the features of your website according to your needs.

There are free and paid add-ons. Add-ons are developed by third parties, and often these are companies that have set up their own business solely to sell WordPress add-ons. This alone speaks volumes about the popularity of WordPress!

Search Engine Optimisation -Add-ons

WordPress itself is already a pretty well search engine optimised platform, but you can always improve search engine optimisation with an add-on. The add-ons themselves do not yet improve search engine optimisation, but provide a comprehensive toolbox for customising various settings.

A good search engine optimisation add-on is SEOPress, for example, which has a free and a paid version.

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WordPress WooCommerce online store

Add-ons for WordPress can be really significant as a whole and completely change the functionality of your site. A good example of this is the WooCommerce plugin, which turns your WordPress page into an online shop in a jiffy.

WooCommerce can also be extended with add-ons. In other words, the scalability is almost unlimited. Finnish payment services also have fully pre-built add-ons for WooCommerce, making it cost-effective to implement an online store for Finns. Sure, there are a lot of adjustments and settings, but that's not impossible either.

Course platform on the WordPress website

Have you dreamed of starting a course platform? It can also be done with the help of plugins developed for WordPress. For example, the WP Courseware plugin works really well for this. A WooCommerce extension is also available for this add-on, so you can, for example, use Finnish payment gateways to sell courses.

WordPress themes

The look and feel of a WordPress website consists of a theme. There are a huge number of different themes available for WordPress, which make it relatively easy to create really nice-looking themes. The ready-made themes can be free or paid and can be downloaded directly from the WordPress control panel.

Managing themes can be a bit of a challenge and editing pre-made themes is not always straightforward. But there are already so many different solutions. For example, theme builders or page builder plugins. The best known of these are Elementor or Oxygen Builder.

Elementor allows you to edit the whole site with a very easy-to-use visual editor. You drag the pieces into place and your site is ready. Of course, the similarities are starting to make the Elementor homepages quite recognisable. If you want to look professional, you'll have to do a lot of tweaking to Elementor's default settings.

Oxygen Builder is a page builder developed for more advanced website developers. We have a presentation of Oxygen Builder here. Also this page you are reading has been developed using Oxygen Builder.

A large community and a large number of guides

The WordPress community is huge and almost any problem can be solved relatively easily. The only challenge is finding the information through a search engine using the right keywords. Also, this blog contains a lot of WordPress website tutorials and guides completely free of charge. It's easy to choose a platform that has help around every corner!

WordPress website creation

Making a WordPress website is, at its simplest, relatively easy today. Simple pages with a well-structured layout can be managed with a few guides. Of course, a little background on the use of computers in the background helps a lot.

The implementation of larger side projects can then be more challenging. But anything is possible and, as noted, guides are readily available for all purposes. The only thing you have to accept is that learning takes time.

To implement a WordPress website, you need a few things to make sure that the page is published successfully. Websites need a server space and an address to work. Read our blog article on How to build your own website.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

The two should not be confused! In this article, we will talk exclusively about the open source WordPress product, which can only be downloaded from WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a service where WordPress is pre-installed on the server and the whole experience is limited. WordPress.com is like a WordPress service while WordPress.org is a free place to download WordPress software. The software downloaded from WordPress.org still has to be moved to your own server and a domain has to be attached to it, but WordPress.org is where almost all the information on the internet is when it comes to WordPress.

WordPress.com is of course an option, but in order to install plugins through that service, for example, you will have to pay at least 15€/month. Also, you cannot connect your own domain without a paid service.

Modern hosting platforms practically all have a one-click WordPress installation. This makes it really easy to set up a WordPress site. You choose your domain when you place your order, place your order and after payment you will receive your account. You log in to your web hosting and install WordPress. In the fastest way, after just a few minutes you'll have a ready-to-go WordPress website installation that you can start editing. Take a look at our low-cost webhotel, for example.

A WordPress website is not the right choice for you if...

While WordPress websites can be used for almost any purpose, there are also situations where a different platform is better. And WordPress isn't necessarily always the best choice for everything, even if you can implement a specific site with it.

While WooCommerce is one of the most used and best e-commerce platforms, the ease of use of platforms like Shopify may offer a better alternative for you. WooCommerce may take a long time to get up and running, but Shopify is ready to use almost immediately.

Also, if you are selling digital services such as SaaS, for example, WordPress is usually not the best fit. In the case of a service where each user has a unique view or a customer portal-style site, WordPress is not a good solution. The more unique and special the implementation, the more likely you are to need a fully customised solution.

WordPress website maintenance

WordPress website maintenance

Like any IT device today, a website needs to be updated. WordPress websites can't just be forgotten, they need to be looked after. The WordPress platform and its add-ons are constantly updated to improve the functionality and security of the site. The vast majority of updates are related to security patches. It is therefore very important to make updates on time.

WordPress is the most common website platform, but also the most attacked. Automated intrusion attempts are made on a truly massive scale all the time. It would be naive to think that "no one is attacking our site". The attacker is almost never a human, but a bot. Bots look for known vulnerabilities on sites and if the site is not patched, the bot can infiltrate the site. Often these attacks involve injecting malicious code into the site, for example, displaying malicious spam ads instead of your own. Malware can wreak havoc on a website in massive amounts.

Maintenance can also be outsourced. Even if you've built your dream site yourself, you can hire a specialist company to maintain the pages so you can concentrate on other things. Check out our WordPress maintenance service.

Why did we choose WordPress?

We specialise in WordPress website development and WordPress add-on services. We are continuously developing a WordPress optimised web hosting and WordPress Cloud platform. We have been providing WordPress services for over 10 years. In this time, WordPress has evolved significantly and we ourselves have had to constantly maintain a high level of expertise. The potential to implement a very large number of different services using WordPress is staggering.

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