Starting a business - A digital guide for a novice entrepreneur

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Do you have a business in mind? Or have you been an entrepreneur for some time now, but the web side is not your strength? In this entrepreneur's digital guide, I will tell you what a novice entrepreneur should take into account in the age of digitalisation.

In this post, I will answer at least the following questions:

  • How do I base med websites my company?
  • Where can I find a working email for my business?
  • How do I get my company's security in order?
  • What online services should I use?
  • How do I do advertising online?

Starting a business is a lot of time and usually quite a leap into the unknown. It takes a lot of courage and passion from the entrepreneur to make sure the work is done. In order to start a business without any complications, you should focus on doing as many things as possible right from the start. In the age of digitalisation, it is increasingly important to keep up with modern technology and use it for its own benefit. Today, the Internet is used by 4.648 million people worldwide. That's 59.6% of the world's population. Now more than ever, it is important that companies focus on digitalisation.


In this post, we want to focus specifically on the digitalisation of the company and guide entrepreneurs to make better decisions online. If entrepreneurship is a completely foreign concept to you, but you have decided to start a business, I recommend reading the Guide of the Finnish Entrepreneurs' Association on starting a business first.

Company digital guide - things right from the start

1. Website

Each company should have: websites . And every company should have websites that can be found online. The first point is easy, but finding it online is not always self-evident. If you wish, you can read our article, why the company should have websites .

You can set up your own website or outsource it to another company. It's important to define what kind of pages you need. If the most important thing for your company is to direct your customers to the right address or call you at the right number, then very simple info pages will work. You can build such simple pages yourself, for example by using website builders. Here are a few options:

However, think carefully about the following: is your company expecting expansion in the first few years? The biggest weakness of website builders is the lack of scalability and the fact that you're not going to own your pages. You can't move them out of the services and you won't be able to make any complicated changes to them.

Another option is to learn how to build pages using WordPress, for example. It won't be very difficult, but it will certainly take time, and it won't be very good at first. An even bigger problem than the above is data security. More on this later.

There are many WordPress experts and many companies in Finland that offer to build websites with it. If you want to save time and possibly even money, we recommend outsourcing the construction of the website to someone who knows how. Read also our article why WordPress - websites are a good choice for the company.

Also, remember that the homepage should be maintained. All system updates must be made on time or you risk security on your Page. You can do this yourself or outsource it. For example, we offer affordable WordPress maintenance.

Start thinking about SEO right from the start. SEO is an inexpensive way to increase visibility. Increasing visibility with this means will take several months, if not years, but it is a really good investment. Check out our free SEARCH ENGINE Optimization Guide.

Home page hosting

Home pages need a home, or server. The most common way to maintain websites is to get affordable hosting , where multiple home pages are running on a single server. Web hotels usually also include a bundle of email boxes. We recommend choosing a Finnish company offering hosting services.

If you can expect more traffic on your website or are setting up an online store, then it would be important to invest a little in the server. Maintained VPS services are a good solution. An example of this is our WP VPS.

2. E-mail

Do not make the mistake of obtaining a @gmail.com address for your company. However, email will be one of the tools you use the most, so get a decent business email right from the start. Emails from hosting are not a reliable option, especially if your business is focused around email. The biggest problem with hosting email is server credit in the eyes of large email brokers. For example, Microsoft very easily blocks email from hosting outlook.com, live.com, or other emails. Even if the web hosting email works flawlessly today, it can stop delivering messages tomorrow. This may not even be because the provider did something wrong. It is enough for the hosting company to be used by someone who, intentionally or due to the virus, sends spam to other addresses. For this behavior, large e-mail intermediaries may transfer the IP address of the server to the blocking list, and then the e-mails will no longer travel.

Google and Microsoft sell properly functioning business solutions with emails that work with real reliably. We recommend Google's G Suite serviceitself , which we also res sell. It gives you access to all familiar Google services with your domain.

3. Security

Starting a business is really fun and rewarding at best. However, there are a few mandatory evils that you should take care of. One of them is security. Do not neglect your company's security. You will certainly maintain a customer register that may have very specific information about your customers. You do not want to find yourselves in a situation where these situations leak into the hands of a foreign party and you have to report a security breach.

Password manager

Immediately enable a password manager to manage all passwords for the services your business uses. The password manager will only help you use really strong passwords. You only need to remember one password! Read our article on password manager and find the one that suits you.

Two-step authentication

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is an absolutely essential feature that must be activated in all services where support is found for it. 2FA works in such a way that when you log in to the service, you will need to identify yourself after the password with a separate one-time password. A one-time password will be sent to you by SMS, email or a separate app such as Google Authenticator, depending on the service. Even if someone gets your password on the service, they still need to get that disposable password. Read our article on two-step identification and how to enable it in the most common services.

Home page security

Do you maintain an online store or do you have forms on your website that you can be contacted through? Make sure your site is secure enough. You use this to protect yourself and your customers. If you're building and maintaining your website, take a little more look at the security of your homepage and how to better protect your Page. If you buy websites third party so ensure that the author also takes information security into account.

4. Services to facilitate corporate life

Here's a short checklist of services you should deploy to your business right from the start.

  1. Google My Business. Add your business information to Google and edit your business hours, for example.
  2. Google Search Console. Better track how your site ranks in Google search results and what search words people can find your site with.
  3. Facebook Business Manager. Manage your business information and pages on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Cloudflare. Use Cloudflare to improve the security of online services and prevent denial of service attacks.

The list could be continued as much as possible, but we recommend looking for suitable services for your company. It's always worth considering what the problem is, where you're looking for a solution and then looking for different services.

5. Advertising online

It's easier than ever to advertise your own business online. It is also easier than ever to do wrong. The biggest advertising services are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These two services are certainly sufficient at first and will certainly benefit from them, depending on the industry.

Google search engine advertising

In its simplicity, you end the search words that you want your business to appear in and pay for search results. Ads in Google search results appear first, and only organic search results appear below them. Search engine marketing can be very expensive. The price depends mainly on how much people search google's search engine with that particular search box. One click on your ad can cost a few cents at its smallest, but at its most expensive it can cost several euros. So it's really important that the link to your ad takes you to a page that's sure to sell.

Facebook and Instagram ads

If you sell physical products then these services work really well. Facebook ads turn on Instagram at the same time. These ads are "Sponsored" posts that appear between users' feeds. A good Facebook ad is a really affordable option. At its cheapest, more clicks cost only cents. It's a good idea to try Facebook ads with small budgets to get started and see which ads are doing well. Good ads can then be displayed for more money.

Press release

If your business is new and you have a great innovation in the background, then I recommend doing a press release. It's an easy way to get a little more visibility right from the start. So contact the local news agencies.


Changing systems when your company's daily operations start to become urgent is really difficult. For example, e-mail migration may cut off e-mail for hours. It is therefore advisable to choose scalable services for your company from the very beginning. Setting up a business and choosing digital services does not have to be difficult. It is always a good idea to take a specialist in this field to help with your choices and deployments. If you're wondering what the best solution for your company would be, please contact us. We'd be happy to help!

The article was written by Tuomas Lindroos
Entrepreneur in the company Tuonetti - Turbo nerd web developer who specializes in creating websites and developing web servers.