WordPress Maintenance

Forget about constantly maintaining and updating your website. Let us maintain your WordPress website. Forget time-consuming updating and backups, we'll do it all for you.

Full and Affordable WordPress maintenance

Technical Maintenance

We update the WordPress core, plugins and themes automatically. We will monitor the functionality of your site and notify you if there are any problems with your site.


Daily backup
Automatic updates
24/7 availability monitoring
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Maintenance Plus

With Plus, you can forget about making content changes altogether. You just let us know what needs to change, and we'll do it for you in a timely manner.


All Technical Maintenance features
Content changes on request
Up to hours of modification work / month
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This is what WordPress Maintenance is all about

Maintaining a WordPress website may be as simple as updating plugins, but for us, it's much more than that.

WordPress updates

The core of the WordPress site receives updates at regular intervals, with many security-related changes. It is important that these updates are made in a timely manner.

Add-on updates

The majority of data breaches on WordPress sites are caused by un-updated plugins and their vulnerabilities. The add-ons should therefore always be updated in due time.

Theme updates

If you are using a common theme, it is advisable to install their updates in a timely manner. Frequent theme updates improve the functionality of themes across multiple platforms.

Uptime Monitoring

We constantly monitor how well your site is available and report to you whenever your site encounters a problem.


We automatically take backups of your WordPress site before making changes. This way, your site can be restored if something goes wrong.

Content updates

We make minor content changes on request and on a fast turnaround time. This feature is only available with the Maintenance Plus service.

WordPress Staging

Create a copy of your site directly in WordPress admin, test the changes and push the changes back to the official site.

Security scan

Our automation performs scheduled security scans to your site. Any findings will be reported back to you and fixed if neccessary.

First-class backup

A full backup of your website is taken once a day and stored in a secure external server. Even if your website's server is destroyed, your site can still be restored. All backups are restorable for 30 days.
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Maintenance PLUS with content updates

Our Plus service includes content changes on request. Send us a message and we will. Content updates do not concern technical changes. The maximum time spent on content updates per month is one hour.
uptime monitorointi

Are my websites available?

We monitor the performance of your website every minute. If your site does not respond, we will receive an alert. We will try to find out the cause of the website crash and report back to you.

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Deployment of maintenance

Easy and hassle-free same-day deployment!

1. Ordering

Once you have ordered and paid for the maintenance, we will log in to your WordPress website with the credentials you provide and install our maintenance add-on. Alternatively, you can also install the add-on we provide yourself.

2. Commissioning

We will perform an initial check of your site and create an initial backup. We will check the page for security problems and report them if found. At the same time, your site will be connected to our automated management system, which monitors the performance of your site.

3. Maintenance

We check the functionality of your website and update the themes, plugins and WordPress core of your site whenever necessary. We can also make any minor content changes on request at short notice. We will take scheduled backups of your WordPress website, so that we can also help you in case you need to restore your website.

Frequently asked questions

What are the changes in content?

Content changes are replacements/deletions/additions to existing material. Content changes include:
- Adding, deleting or editing texts
- Add, delete or replace images (image editing not included)
- Hide or delete pages / articles
- Minor technical changes such as: changing, adding or deleting links in menus. (workload estimated on the basis of individual requests)
- Other minor editing requests that do not exceed the monthly 1-hour limit allocated to the client.

Do you also update paid add-ons?

The customer is responsible for any monthly or annual charges for the add-ons and for ensuring that the licence codes are correctly activated on the website. These add-ons will be updated by Tuonetti as normal with other add-ons. If the update of the add-on fails due to incorrect license information, the customer will be notified.

How do I request content updates?

Please send an email with any necessary changes to [email protected] Our system automatically identifies our customers on maintenance and generates a high priority support request for them. Changes will be made as soon as possible. In less than two hours on average.

What information do we need to disclose for maintenance purposes? What do you install on our website?

In order to maintain your website, we need a username with administrator rights for your WordPress website. The user does not have to be the same as you. We will install our maintenance add-on on your website, which will allow you to manage your website remotely. This plugin will appear in WordPress plugins as Tuonetti | WordPress Administration". You will also see a separate backup add-on in the menu. This will appear as Tuonetti Backup".

Where are backups stored? How long are backups kept?

Backups are stored on a server that is separate from the rest of Tuonetti's infrastructure, so that services can be restored even after physical destruction. The backed-up data is protected by modern security techniques and encrypted at the server level. Backups are saved once a day (usually at night due to low traffic) and stored for 30 days.

What is Tuonetti's responsibility?

Tuonetti accepts no responsibility for any site crash or lost revenue due to the update that caused the problem. Add-ons, themes and other software on the website that are not developed by Tuonetti may break the Site, and Tuonetti has no way of ensuring that updates are compatible with the website. Such problems are rare and Tuonetti will assist to the best of its ability in restoring the site to working order in the event of a problem. Restoring a backup is part of the normal course of action in case of problems. 
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