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Information security is at the heart of modern business

We act as your security expert and help your organisation to increase your ability to respond to the various threats on your network.

Security mapping

We will review your organisation's current security posture and analyse the most significant threats that your company might face online. We will provide you with a comprehensive report on the various threats and challenges and produce an action plan.

Action Plan

The mapping exercise will lead to an action plan with concrete steps towards better security. We will help you make all these changes and actively offer our support in implementing the new processes.

Security Testing

It is a good idea to test the effectiveness of your company's new security policies using different methods. We check the security of your various online services and implement planned hacking attempts on your various systems.

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Data is important, don't let it fall into the wrong hands

The modern business is increasingly online and deals with vast amounts of data. This data is important and must not fall into the wrong hands. Adequate data security can be challenging to achieve if it has not been invested in from the start. We have extensive experience in securing systems and processes - we can help you with this challenge!
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Information security services

Find out about the methods we use

Zero Trust

Zero Trust is a modern security standard that should be followed. Zero Trust is a security model based on the principle "Trust no one".

Checking vulnerabilities

We will perform a comprehensive security scan of your public services, such as your website, and check that there are no known vulnerabilities.

Data processing

We will review your normal data processing patterns and provide you with a list of suggested improvements to ensure that your important data is not leaked.

Password management

We will work with you to plan how to modernise password management for different services for your organisation. We will help you choose a modern password manager.

Best practices

We have many years of experience in improving the information security of different organisations. Through this experience, we can provide you with a wide range of best practice models that will make your business life easier.

Strong identification

Strong authentication or two-factor authentication is a big part of improving security. There are several different solutions, we can help you find the right one for you.